Monday, September 5, 2011

Twitter Power Tips

I use twitter less to share personal information and more to share content that lifts leaders. That’s my value proposition.
Usually, individual conversations are done through direct messages.

With my value proposition in mind, great tweets are:

  1.  Positive and actionable. Explaining things people can do is more useful than telling them what not to do.
  2. Turn negatives into positives. Last night I tweeted, “Change starts when blaming stops.” It’s been retweeted multiple times. How many times do you think, “Stop blaming,” would have been retweeted?
  3. Touch a need.
  4. Short rather than long. Shooting for 120 characters or less makes it easy for others to retweet you. Here’s another example from last night that caught on: “Great leaders break barriers, poor leaders create them.”

Wrap links to your blog in candy:

Spend less time asking people to visit your blog and more time sharing great content.

Make your tweets a piece of rich useful content. 

While writing posts, craft a few readymade tweets that capture key thoughts and tweet them with a link to your blog.

Tweets with links are never retweeted as frequently as those without.

Examples of tweets with links to my blog that were retweeted multiple times:

  1. Empower don't overpower. "Take Mentoring to the Next Level" #leadership
  2. Arrogance creates emptiness. Humility creates connection. #leadership
  3. Leaders who aren't influenced by others can't influence others. #leadership
  4. Managers roadblock productivity by focusing on projects rather than people.
Secret tweet tip:

Keep a document with your great tweets. I save any tweet that is retweeted over 20 times and reuse it. Currently, my tweet-document is over 30 pages long. “Great leaders break barriers, poor leaders create them,” is a recycled tweet that’s worth tweeting again.

Do you have a twitter strategy and value proposition?
What twitter power tips can you offer?

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