Monday, August 29, 2011

Anger Starts Great Blogs

Start mad:
Get in touch with your dark side when you write. What angers you? Write about it. My most read blogs almost always begin with a frustration.

Don’t stay mad:
Rants are fun, occasionally. It’s easy to say what you don’t like. Effective writers, on the other hand, move through anger to solutions.

Recent Leadership Freak posts that started with anger:

  1. Anger about arrogance: 15 Ways to Tell if Someone is Arrogant or Humble
  2. Frustration that I don’t listen better: You Lose if They Can’t Disagree
  3. Remembering the disappointment of working for an insecure boss: 15 Techniques that Create Upward Mobility

I find passion born in frustration or anger a rich source of content that readers connect with if I move through anger to positive solutions.

How do you infuse emotion into your writing?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Writing Blog Posts that Get Read

Some writers write for themselves and don't worry about readers.

I write to be read. I want to be read. I worry about being read. I feel good when I'm read.

Structure matters - suit yourself

Write for yourself. I have a short attention span. Give me the point quickly; if you don't, I'll leave quickly.

Short is always better than long.
  1. Short sentences
  2. Short paragraphs
  3. Short posts
  4. Short page widths
  5. Short distance between headers
Use bold headers

No one reads from start to finish. Everyone makes a decision to read before they read. They scan the page. Headers help readers make the decision to read.

Solve a problem

Begin with the problem. Problems make readers care. No problem - no one cares. The more relevant the problem the more engaged the reader.

Don't say everything

Saying all you know is the dumbest thing you can do. Leave room for comments by leaving things out. What you don't say is as useful as what you do say.

When you're too smart people admire you from a distance.

The reality is, there's always more to learn. Invite people to teach you. It's fun and engaging.

What blog writing tips can you offer?