Monday, August 29, 2011

Anger Starts Great Blogs

Start mad:
Get in touch with your dark side when you write. What angers you? Write about it. My most read blogs almost always begin with a frustration.

Don’t stay mad:
Rants are fun, occasionally. It’s easy to say what you don’t like. Effective writers, on the other hand, move through anger to solutions.

Recent Leadership Freak posts that started with anger:

  1. Anger about arrogance: 15 Ways to Tell if Someone is Arrogant or Humble
  2. Frustration that I don’t listen better: You Lose if They Can’t Disagree
  3. Remembering the disappointment of working for an insecure boss: 15 Techniques that Create Upward Mobility

I find passion born in frustration or anger a rich source of content that readers connect with if I move through anger to positive solutions.

How do you infuse emotion into your writing?


  1. I genuinely believe, there's nothing like an emotional text: if it's under control.
    I strongly assume the author's success lays in his/her way to creating feelings towards the reader. However, if the reader don't get affected by the author's text, the content could look ridiculous, however, if the reader gets emotional/emotionally inspired, the author just succeed.

    I love your thoughts Dan!

  2. Hi Anton,

    Great seeing you here. Thank you for your affirmation.

    "Create feelings towards the reader" ... nice!



  3. Being your genuine self has always been an important key in my experience. When you put out content that isn't really in line with who you are, it comes across as fake and disconnected. As an artist, I can tell you that people are interested in glimpses of the personality behind the work.

    Great to see your social media blog Dan! I'll be following along!


  4. Hi Julia,

    I love "people are interested in glimpses of the personality behind the work." ... so powerful.

    Great seeing you here Julia. I'll be writing once a week on social media. It's just a way to get a few things off my chest.